-Woodmizer Sawmill Services

To custom cut your logs, I charge a flat fee of $75 an hour. Cutting your logs on your site, there will be a 4 hour minimum. When cutting at my location there is only a 1 hour minimum. If blade is damaged due to contact with foreign objects in logs, there will be a charge of $30 per metal object. If you have means to bring the logs to me then there is no travel charge at all. If I bring the mill to you, I charge a one way fee of $1.50 a mile plus $35 to setup the mill and put on a new blade.

-Lucas Mill Slabber Services

The Lucas Mill will have a flat fee of $125 an hour at my site. Bringing mill to your site will require a flat fee of $150 an hour which includes use of skid steer. Remote sites will have a 3 hour minimum and $50 setup charge. If we hit a metal or foreign object there will be an additional $25 per metal object. Chain will be $100 replacement charge if completely destroyed. Travel charge for Lucas Mill and skid steer is $2.50 per mile one way.

-Do you have logs ready to be cut? Here are some tips so you can be ready!

-Make sure logs are accessible or you have machinery to do so.

-Keep logs free of dirt and garbage as this dulls blades.

-The Woodmizer sawmill is 26ft long plus a vehicle, so make sure you have room!

-Get 4x4s to stack cut lumber onto after it is cut.

-Having an extra helping hand will greatly increase productivity and make your dollar go farther.

-If necessary, we will provide plastic to keep sawdust off of ground or road.

-If you plan to store the cut lumber at the site it is best to stack on top of a flat concrete slab or 4x4s that are level.

-Also, a cover over the stack, like a tarp or steel fence sheets.

-We can apply a wax sealer and stack your cut lumber with boards in between for additional cost. (Sticker, stack, and seal). This will make sure your boards or slabs will dry evenly and not too fast.

-Okay, did you get all of that? Let's sum it up!

-Bring Woodmizer to you: $1.50 a mile (one way) plus $35 setup fee, 4 hour minimum.

-Bring logs to me: no extra fees, just $75 an hour, 1 hour minimum.

-If the saw hits a foreign object: $30 per metal object.

Example: John lives in Tampa, FL (62 miles). He has 10 pine logs to cut. I bring the Woodmizer sawmill to him and spend 5 hours cutting, during which we hit two big nails that requires one blade change at $30. John pays me a total $533.00, I write up a receipt and leave him with a stack of lumber.