-Log Salvaging/Recycling

By salvaging downed trees we are able to get different types of wood that would never show up at home depot. Half of the trees that I saw up originated from overseas but were planted in Florida many, many years ago. Big or small, if its good wood, we take them all. Griffin Sawmill has the equipment to load logs up to the size and weight of a school bus. Anything over that and we'll have to cut it. For big logs we use a fully hydraulic 24ft roll back trailer that has a winch on the front of the bed which pulls the trees onto the trailer. THERE IS NO LOG WE CAN'T HANDLE.

*Homeowners that are looking to have a tree cut down and made into an heirloom piece - please ask us for references for tree services in your area so we may assist them in the proper removal of the tree to ensure we preserve the most valuable lumber.

- Trees we will NOT take:

• Palm trees

• Any tree or log under 12 inches in diameter.

• Any tree or log that is less than 4ft long. (Depending on situation and type of wood).

• We do not accept Oak of any size.

If you have a tree that meets these specifications, give me a call and I'll see what I can do for you.