Our sawmill is a Woodmizer LT40 D40 Super Hydraulic. This mill is equipped with a 40 HP Turbo Diesel engine to power through the toughest of woods. With it being fully hydraulic, our mill can lift and position a 4,400lb log from the ground to the sawmill bed by moving a few levers.

Cutting capabilities:

Max cut length: 20ft

Max board width: 38 inches

Max cut width: 42 inches

Max height of blade: 35 inches

Max log diameter: 48 inches

We can cut slabs up to 76" wide with our Lucas Dedicated Slabbing Mill DSM23. Equipped with a 23 H/P Electric start Vanguard engine with extra long bar.

Cutting capabilities:

Max cut length: 20ft

Max cut width: 6'4" (76 inches)

Maximum depth of a single cut: 19 inches

-Our Dehumidification Kiln

We have the ability to saw, surface and kiln dry slabs up to 76" for our customers!

We run a 20-40 day cycle.